The Mohair

For those who like their mattresses at the firmer end of the scale. The Mohair sandwiches latex between two pieces of coir and layers of anti-dust mite lambswool. Firm has never felt more flexible – or offered more comfort.

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Naturalmat Mattress The Mohair Naturalmat Mattress The Mohair

The luxurious Mohair is the firmest Natural Fibre Mattress in our collection. 

The Mohair begins with a thick layer of natural latex foam (75mm). Our latex is wonderfully natural, produced by tapping sap from rubber trees and filling it with tiny air bubbles to create a durable and breathable mattress filling.

This latex layer is then sandwiched between 2 layers of coir (50mm). Coir is coconut husk combined with natural rubber which produces a resilient, strong, and naturally springy mattress layer.

A needled Mohair layer (10mm) is then added to help control body temperature and it’s all finished off with a supremely comfy and breathable layer of our organic lambswool (10mm).

If you like the sound of that but prefer something a little bit softer, check out our middle of the range The Lambswool mattress of for that cloud-nine soft feeling check out The Cashmere mattress.


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