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Handmade in Britain Made in Britain

Beds made with traditional casting techniques


Our Craftsmen

Using hand casting techniques, we are proud of our reputation for making beautifully finished beds that are designed and built to last forever.

Every bed has our unique cast knuckle joint to attach the side rails to the head and foot of the bed.  This self locking system ensures a lifetime of service, and is incomparable to modern flat pack beds that are held together with often flimsy bolts. The range includes traditional iron, brass and nickel beds, day beds, four posters, half testers and headboards, and we also offer a host of bespoke options in addition to all the standard sizes.

Each bed is hand poured using traditional gravity casting and then individually numbered making it bespoke and personal for each customer. Iron beds are robustly powder coated in a choice of many colours, and brass beds are skillfully antiqued and then lacquered by hand with a matt lacquer to ensure the finish lasts the test of time.


Antiquing - with Danny

With 23 years' service, Danny is a veteran bed-maker. Highly-skilled at antiquing and finishing, no bed leaves the factory without Danny's seal of approval.
Antiquing with Danny

Welding - with Andy

Andy is the factory's resident welder. He's overseen the production and welding of the headboard frames for 5 years and is a stickler for strong joints on all headboards and beds built to last
Welding with Andy

The Fettling Process - with Andrew

Then there's Andrew, son of Factory Manager Barry, and the fettler of the operation. He makes sure the beds castings are silky smooth before being put in the oven for firing.
Fettling with Andrew

Casting the Moulds - with Kenny

Always cool under pressure, Kenny's been casting beds at the factory for 16 years. Pouring zinc at 500c, this man has the steadiest hands in Cornwall.
Casting with Kenny

Assembling the Frames - with Paul

A true artisan, Paul assembles the brass and nickel frames and puts the beds together. With an eye for detail, he's been constructing metal masterpieces with us for 19 years.
Assembling with Paul

Painting & Quality Control - with Barry

Last but not least, the leader of this merry band of men is Barry. Barry is the longest serving craftsman at the factory boasting 23 years' of bed-making.
Painting and Quality Control with Barry
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