How to care for your Cornish Bed

Our cast iron, brass and nickel beds are designed and handcrafted to be durable and last a lifetime. These vintage bedframes require very little care and maintenance, however we are often asked for advice on keeping our beds looking as good as the day they were delivered.

Explore out top tips below for keeping your Cornish Bed looking pristine.

How do I clean a metal bed frame?

Our bedsteads are very easy to clean. Most of the time require a simple wipe down with a dry cloth is enough to keep them looking great.

However should you wish to give your bedstead a deeper clean, furniture polish can be used on our painted, cast iron beds only.

For nickel beds we recommend using metal polish once or twice a year to keep the frame bright.

The only style of bed that should not be cleaned with any kind of polish is the brass bedstead, as this will cause damage to the lacquer that we apply during hand finishing brass beds. For brass beds wipe with a dry cloth only.

Where can I get spare parts for my metal bed?

We are confident that you should not need any replacement parts for your bedframe due to our highly skilled craftsmanship. However if you do you require a replacement part we are very happy to supply this direct. We are only able to supply spare parts for Cornish Bed Company bedframes.

Unfortunately, we are not able to supply replacement slat holders, as we have changed our slat system in 2015 and have depleted our stock of slat holders from the old system. We recommend enquiring on online market places, like Amazon or Ebay.

Can I re-paint my iron bedframe?

If you decide to change the colour scheme in your bedroom our bedframes can be updated to suit your new style

Our cast iron beds are painted using a powder coater to apply an extensive range of colours in our Foundry in Cornwall. However the bedsteads can also be hand painted or sprayed with metal paint should you wish to change the colour of the frame in the future.

For nickel beds we recommend using metal polish once or twice a year to keep the frame bright.

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