Production FAQs


What steps of production do your beds go through?

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Each Cornish Bed design requires various steps of production.

Our metal beds in the Cast Iron collection go through the most production processes. Each antique cast iron bed frame is first set up on the work bench. Various diametre steel tubes are assembled into the frame design. The mould casings are locked in various places ready to link the frame together. Next the moulds casings are filled with liquid zinc, heated to over 500°C. Once cooled down, freshly cast moulds are hand fettled and the whole frame is cleaned ready for powdercoating. The colour is then sprayed onto the frame and put through the over to cure. Once the frame is cooled down again, finishing touches, like brass detailing is added, the frame is assembled for quality control, before being packaged ready for shipping.

What is powder coating?

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Powder coating is a method we use to apply colour to the raw metal bed frame.
Your chosen is colour is sprayed onto a cleaned metal frame in a powder form. The bed frame is then carefully moved to the over, which cures the powder onto the frame, allowing for an even and robust finish. The high temperature of the even ensures the colour is hard wearing and durable.