General FAQs

Picking your dream bed certainly involves making a lot of decisions. We've put together the most commonly asked questions, which hopefully will help you make the right decision. If you need help with anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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1. Showrooms

Where can I try your beds?

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We have showrooms in London, Devon and Cornwall. You can find out the nearest showroom to you on our Showrooms page.

If it’s a little too far for you, we also offer online consultations. We would be very happy to show you all our products up close!

Book your online consultation here.

Do you have parking at your showrooms?

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Yes, all our showrooms have free customer parking available.

Are your showrooms wheelchair accessible?

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Unfortunately, our showrooms are not wheelchair accessible at the moment. We are working very hard to change that.

Do I need to book to visit your showroom?

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No, you are welcome to pop in any time during our opening hours. To ensure we can assist you with all your queries, we would recommend giving us a call beforehand so we can prepare for your visit but this is not essential.

Please note: The opening hours vary across showrooms. Please check the opening hours of the showroom you are planning to visit on our Showrooms page.

2. Sizes

What bed sizes do you do?

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All our cast iron, brass and nickel beds, including our four posters are available in the nine standard UK bed sizes.

I'm very tall. Can I make my bed longer?

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Yes, of course! We craft all our beds to order, so we can certainly make your bed longer (up to 20cm free of charge). Small fee might apply for 20cm and more. Email us on or call us on 01726 825182 to discuss.

How much space is under your beds?

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As standard, our side rails (the bars that connect the head to the footend) are raised to 35.5cm which gives you approximately 30cm under bed clearance for storage.

3. Colours

What colours do you do?

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As standard, we offer 13 colours, however, we can powdercoat your bed, daybed or headboard in any colour (small fee will apply for bespoke colours). Learn more about our colours and the powdercoating process.