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Case study: Elle The Home Bird

Elle Hervin, interiors Instagram influencer, invited us inside her beautiful family home, full of vintage finds, inspired by her grandmother's house she visited as a child.

“My grandmother had the most amazing eye for interiors and she loved collecting antiques; I think that’s definitely where my love of old furniture comes from!”

The Greatest Transformation

Transforming her house from a old ruin into the beautiful, cosy family home took a lot of energy and elbow greece, since Elle emabrked on renovating her entire house all at once.

“I suppose the greatest transformation would have to be the neglected and uninhabitable dining room which we transformed into a large kitchen. It saw us knock down a partition wall, relocate the kitchen and completely reinvent the space. It is now our most lived-in space in the house and somewhere I love spending time!”

And All That Brass

We asked Elle what are her must-hame home accessories and Elle's answer is no surprise considering she has chosen the Elgin for her master bedroom with its iconic inner brass frame.

“...basically anything with brass in it! It adds an element of understated elegance to any room and is a wonderful accent colour when contrasted with bright and bold wall colours such as green and blue.”

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Elle's Favourite

The Elgin