Trend Spotlight: Modern Vintage Interiors with Elle

Elle Hervin, interiors Instagram influencer, shares her top vintage finds and what inspires her home décor style, beautifully documented on her Instagram profile @elle_the_home_bird

Trend Spotlight: Modern Vintage Interiors with Elle

We have been fans of Elle's Instagram profile @elle_the_home_bird for years before we had an opportunity to work with Elle when she was looking for a new bed for her master bedroom.

Elle has chosen the Elgin in matt black with its iconic inner brass frame. 

We sat down with Elle (over zoom and a cup of tea) to learn more about what inspires her home decor and her love for vintage furniture. 

Elle The Home Bird

Q1. What inspires your home décor?

My grandmother had the most amazing eye for interiors and she loved collecting antiques; I think that’s definitely where my love of old furniture comes from! Their house was always full of family heirlooms and huge oil paintings - it was the most fascinating place to visit as a child. I also draw an awful lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest; I love following designers who are bold with print and colour. I am always naturally attracted to homes that look ‘lived in’ or have an element of ‘whimsy’ to them, with décor and art that tells a story!

Q2. What are your three must-have home accessories?

Elle The Home Bird Instagram Profile | Cornish Bed Company

Artwork – both original and prints. Pieces that reflect your personality and interests.

Flowers – both real and faux. I’m a huge fan of artificial stems and use a lot in my styling.

Brass – picture frames, candlesticks, kitchen hardware, mirrors, basically anything with brass in it! It adds an element of understated elegance to any room and is a wonderful accent colour when contrasted with bright and bold wall colours such as green and blue.

Q3. What has been your favourite reno project so far?

This is a hard question for me because we renovated our whole house all at once; it was a mammoth task! I suppose the greatest transformation would have to be the neglected and uninhabitable dining room which we transformed into a large kitchen. It saw us knock down a partition wall, relocate the kitchen and completely reinvent the space. It is now our most lived-in space in the house and somewhere I love spending time! 

Elle The Home Bird Kitchen | Instagram Profile | Cornish Bed Company

Q4. What’s been your favourite vintage find?

Ah there are so many! I’ve been very lucky to find some real gems on Facebook Marketplace and eBay. I particularly love the reclaimed fireplaces we found for our bedroom and the boys’ bedroom, along with the fireplace in the living room.

Elle The Home Bird | Living Room | Cornish Bed Company

Another favourite find would be the little vintage table I found on eBay which we used as our bathroom vanity. Then there’s the vintage bar stools I found for the kitchen island. So many treasures out there if you have the patience to look for them!

Q5. Your one tip to embarking on a home reno project right now?

Consider your home as a whole rather than looking at each room individually. How do the colours and décor choices flow? Is there an accent colour or finish that ties them all in together?

Elle The Home Bird | Living Room, Sofa | Cornish Bed Company

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