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Cast iron and brass beds are versatile and can be complemented by a range of decorating schemes. Wallpaper makes a statement in any room. Here we show the different styles of print that can be used with a range of metal bed frames.


Farrow and Ball Wallpaper: Feuille BP 4907

An Art Nouveau-inspired print will frame a Victorian headboard beautifully; the movement was a popular design inspiration during the late 19th century.

This wallpaper by Farrow and Ball shows a large-scale leaf pattern that flows organically across the wall, adapted from an 1800s French jacquard.

A blue bed has been selected, picking out the tones of the print. We offer a wide palette of colour finishes to match your vintage bedstead to your chosen wallpaper design.

Intricate Floral

Sanderson Wallpaper: Maycott, Sabine

A classic look that will complement a cast iron bedstead such as Florence, with its natural soft lines.

This wallpaper by Sanderson features a pretty floral trellis in a gentle tone, we would recommend an ivory bed to create balance within your bedroom.

Bold Floral

Sanderson Wallpaper: Bloomsbury Canvas, Ottoline

A traditional bold floral print creates a strong background to support a more robust cast iron bedframe such as the Cotswold.

Sanderson’s wallpaper above is inspired by the flowers of an English country garden. The trailing rose pattern is open and uncluttered and will not be overshadowed by a bold brass bedframe.

Bold Floral

Little Greene Wallpaper: Poppy Flower in Glacier

A bold floral print in a softer, more monotone palette is better suited to a fluid vintage bedframe such as the Florence.

This wallpaper by Little Greene features poppies, a popular icon of design inspiration at the end of the 1800s, and is in keeping with the Victorian style of the vintage bedstead.


Farrow and Ball Wallpaper: Shouchikubai BP 4502

The arts of Japan had a profound influence on British culture in the second half of the 19th century, making a Japanese wallpaper the perfect backdrop for a Victorian bedframe.

This Shouchikubai (meaning apricot, bamboo and pine) wallpaper by Farrow and Ball features Japanese iconography such as bamboo, flowers, trees and hexagons. The intricate design offsets a white or ivory bed well.

Farrow and Ball’s wallpaper has metallic detail; pick up this in your vintage bedframe with a style such as the Clifton with brass bedstead details.


Little Greene Wallpaper: Darwin, Serein

Wallpaper is a great way to express character in interiors. Create theatre within a room with a strong illustrative print; the wallpaper will offset a dramatic cast iron bedframe such as the Billy bed beautifully without fading into the background.

This wallpaper by Little Greene shows an exotic scene, accurately imitating a typical 18th century hand-painted Chinese paper. The overall tone feels neutral while offering splashes of colour. A black bed is a good choice to create a stand out focal point against the detailed wallpaper.


Harlequin Wallpaper: Harlequin, Pink/Orange/Multi

Our versatile Maud vintage bedstead works well in a range of interior settings, and a geometric wallpaper is a great way to create a mid-century modern look.

This Kaleidoscope wallpaper by Harlequin features a vibrant print that sits well against the simplicity of a Maud cast iron bedframe. We recommend either picking out a bold contrasting colour for the bedstead, or choosing a monochrome black or white bed.

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