Five Most Popular Bed Designs Of 2021

Chosen by our customers - meet the five of the most popular bed designs of 2021.
Five Most Popular Bed Designs Of 2021

Using traditional hand casting techniques, our craftsmen are proud of their reputation for making beautifully finished beds that are designed and built to last forever.

Today, behind the original round-arched, keyed windows of the Grade II*-listed old steam engine sheds, our skilled artisans continue the time-honoured traditions of iron bed making, championed by their Victorian forefathers.

We are extremely grateful to our dearest customers for continuing to support us and choosing our handcrafted metal beds for their homes again and again.

Each of our beds is unique and one of a kind. Five of our designs have been loved the most in 2021 and we wanted to share the top five bed designs chosen by our customers with you for some inspiration. 


The Maud

Traditional Victorian Design

A slim silhouette with 1” side posts, gentle rounding corners and unimposing floral castings - the Maud bed is authentically Victorian and modern at the same time.

The Maud Cast Iron Bed by The Cornish Bed Company

The Maud in white.


The Rebecca

Sophisticated yet Ornate

The Rebecca - a modern, understated, slender design based on a Victorian classic is both ornate yet simple in overall style with cast-in top rail and a touch of brass for that extra bit of oomph.

Chosen by Amanda Brooks for her curated interior lifestyle shop in Stow-on-the-Wold, Cutter Brooks

The Rebecca Cast Iron Bed by The Cornish Bed Company

The Rebecca in black gloss with brass.


The Tetbury

Timeless and Fortifying Design

Thick 2” side posts and straight frame maintain its timeless enchantments. Designed with circular, floral-like castings and complemented by multiple inner brass spacers this bed design is classic yet with outstanding brasswork.

Chosen by Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow) for her home @frowhome

The Tetbury Cast Iron Bed by The Cornish Bed Company

The Tetbury in gloss black with brass. 


The Hampshire

Simple Yet Decorative

The Hampshire features simple decorative castings complemented by stunning brass adornments, top mounts, brass rails, and solid brass balls. Straight brass top rail and an ornate long petal flower cap softens this classic and strong bed frame design.

The Hampshire Cast Iron Bed by The Cornish Bed Company

The Hampshire in pewter with brass.


The Abingdon

Unique Ceramic Finials

The Abingdon is one of our most popular beds. This unique design blends a strong outer frame with white crackle finish ceramic finials which are hand-spun into their brass nests with an ornate long petal flower cap, adding that softness and class to an all-round crowd pleaser of an authentic Victorian bed design.

The Abingdon Cast Iron Bed by The Cornish Bed Company

The Abingdon in black matt with brass.


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