Coronavirus Safe Deliveries

The Cornish Bed Company are signed up to a private rapid testing service so any team member who suspects they may have symptoms can be tested immediately; ensuring the rest of the office, Foundry and delivery teams are all working safely.

We are still delivering our orders as normally as possible and aim to bring your new  bed or mattress to a room of your choice and we will unpack your new order, set up any bed and remove any packaging. Prior to your delivery (usually the week before) we’ll call you to ask if you, or anybody living at the address is currently self isolating as a result of displaying coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, and check if you are still happy to take delivery of your order. Should this status change before the delivery date, we ask you to notify us and we will arrange a new delivery date.

Assuming you are happy to proceed, we will confirm a time window for your delivery. On the day of your delivery our driver will call you half an hour before we arrive to warn you of our arrival. We’ve put a number of measures in place to prioritise your safety and the safety of our delivery teams.

Our delivery teams are equipped with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers and are fully trained in the safe use of these. On delivery the delivery leader will enter your premises with a face mask and we ask that the customer, also observing COVID-19 safety, will show him where the delivery is to be made, and any details can be discussed and agreed.

We ask that the customer will then please keep a safe distance, and if possible remain in a separate room whilst the goods are being carried into the designated area where the team will install your new mattress or bed, and remove all packaging.

Upon completion, the team leader will confirm that the delivery is to your satisfaction before they leave. At this point masks are to be worn by all parties, unless a medical exemption is in place.

If practical we recommend opening windows for extra ventilation.

If you have any concerns about your delivery please contact us as soon as possible so we can make a suitable plan for your order.