Wool Week

Read about the organic lambswool suppliers that work with Naturalmat on creating supremely comfortable, made by hand, natural fibre mattresses for your family.
Wool Week

Naturalmat, our sister company, and one we are incredibly proud off for their relentless work changing how people sleep, have harnessed the amazing potential of natural & organic materials to create healthier, more functional and of course, sustainable mattresses for all the family.

Wool Week 2020

Wool Week is a Big Day in the calendar of any business that works with this incredible raw material. it is a chance to recognise, and celebrate the tireless labour, the long hours, the weather beaten hands, and the sleepless nights that happen on a farm. 2020 is also the 10th Anniversary of HRH The Prince of Wales Campaign for Wool, an organisation dedicated to educating and promoting the natural benefits and biodegradability of wool. 

Let's take a peak under the covers of mattresses by Naturalmat and learn more about what they are made of. 

Sourced Locally

Organic lambswool, which is an integral competent of all the mattresses available from Naturalmat is sourced from Soil Association certified farms in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall, all local to Naturalmat HQ, in Topsham, Devon.

West Country boasts many farmers dedicated to their herds of sheep, producing some of the finest raw material to turn into superbly comfortable, healthy and long-lasting mattresses. By sourcing locally, and being conscious of all elements of the production process having an impact on the environment, the team at Naturalmat maintain their carbon footprint as low as possible. 

It's a pleasure for the team to work with other local, sustainable businesses in helping them deliver their goals and objectives and confidently relying on them to deliver on their word of producing some of the finest lambswool in the country. It would be impossible to do what Naturalmat have done for the past 20 years without the support of local lambswool farmers.

Chemical Free

The lambswool combined with cotton is also used in the mattress cover (or ticking as it's called in the industry). This unique blend qualifies the mattress covers to pass all relevant Fire Retardant checks without the use of chemicals, making the mattress you and your family sleep on 100% chemical free, as natural as nature can be. 


At the end of their life, all mattress materials are 100% biodegradable, so they will return to nature as nature intended. As the world continues to battle with ways of reducing and reusing, you can rest knowing that your mattress will not add to the problem when it's time to put it to bed.

Naturally good for you

Robust and thorough checks are done to quality control the raw materials by expert mattress makers, at the purpose-build Naturalmat bedworks, on the banks of River Exe, near Exeter. This quality control ensures only the best quality of natural fibres is used without any compromises to the founding principles, of creating entirely natural sleeping experience for all the family. 

A well choreographed ensemble of craftsmen and women, not machines, work in perfect unity on their specific step in crafting your mattress, entirely by hand, from start to finish.

Lambswool is a superb insulator, trapping heat when you need it and dispersing it when you don’t. It is also naturally anti-microbial to help prevent dust mites. Build into the composition of each mattress, you and your family will be reaping the natural benefits of sleeping on a mattress made from organic lambswool for years to come.


Check out the map below for the locations of some of our favourite lambswool farmers, and pop by to say hello to them, if you are in the area.  

Map of Organic Lambswool Farmers by Naturalmat