Styling: Seven Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Seven ways to decorate the bedroom for Christmas, according to our Creative Director Aissa Gonzalez.
Styling: Seven Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Traditionally, the lounge and dining table take the centre stage for Christmas decorations, yet we spend around a third of our day in the bedroom. Why not indulge the festive season a little more by adorning the bedroom and waking up to some seasonal cheer?

There is a degree of truth in the phrase ‘a change is as good as a rest’. A re-jig of ornaments, and accentuating some of the best features of the bedroom, will rejuvenate a room and reinvigorate your mood for the festive season.

Aissa Gonzalez, Creative Director at The Cornish Bed Company, says: “We recommend keeping Christmas decor in the bedroom stylish and understated. There is no need for clutter and glitter as it should remain a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

“A handful of well-placed decorations can make a big difference. Swap them with existing accessories, rather than adding to them, and try to avoid lots of little adornments. The size of a cantaloupe melon or larger is ideal.”

It’s not just decorations that can help with extending the festive season into the bedroom.  Essential oils such as Bergamot, Vanilla and Cedarwood can bring out festive scents to help you sleep. Pot-pourri, scented candles or essential oil spray on a festive flower arrangement are a great way to bring festive fragrances into the bedroom.

Using a traditional Victorian design, our Cornish beds look great with all kinds of Christmas decor.  We love creating a rustic appeal with our Christmas decorations, but with a timeless design, our beds look good adorned in any colour scheme.

As a suggestion for how to make our beds look even better this Christmas, Aissa Gonzalez has put together the following Christmas design ideas:

    1. Add a Christmas garland to frame the bedstead.
    2. Use Christmas colours such as a red or gold throw to dress the bed, with cushions to match.
    3. Add a wreath to a wall above the bed.
    4. Add candles to the bedside tables for mood lighting and fragrance.
    5. Replace existing ornaments with Christmas themed ones.
    6. Add some fairy lights around a window or a mirror.
    7. Don’t forget the Christmas stockings at the foot of the bed.