Recycle Week 2020

Crafted from the finest British steel, our beds are robust and will become your family heirloom and antique of the next century. Read our guide to sustainable makers, innovators and creators. 
Recycle Week 2020

The mantra of sustainability has long been...

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

Our planet has never before needed our help more than now. The urgency is so severe, that ever David Attenborough joined Instagram (and broke it doing so)...

With our beds, which are made to last a lifetime, you needn't worry about having to replace your bed, and thus create waste. Crafted from the finest British steel, the beds are robust and will become your family heirloom and antique of the next century.

Even when our beds eventually, decades and centuries later reach the end of their life, they can be repurposed and reused, thus maintaining low impact on the environment.

We have long been admiring some of the innovative brands from furniture makers to household essential products, that have fully embraced sustainability at the core of everything they do, from established manufacturers and emerging makers of furniture and furnishings these names are busy underlining their environmental credentials.


Heal's Recycled Materials Range of Products | Recycle Week 2020
Heal's Logo | Recycle Week 2020
One of the initiatives we love the most is by Heal's, who have truly shown that yesterday's waste can be today's raw material, repurposed it into new pieces of furniture. 
Other brands that do an amazing job by living the sustainability ethos are:



Fashion world has recently had their fair share of less than glamorous spotlight, bringing into focus decades of bad practises and its detrimental effect on the environment (among other aspects). 

However, born out of the ashes of the consumer economy and fast fashion, the below brands are paving the way forward for fashion that does no harm.



Sustainable & Ethical Luxury Accessories | Recycle Week 2020






Sustainable and Ethical Luxury Accessories | Recycle Week 2020

Elvis & Kresse ethos is to rescue, transform and donate. Since 2005, they have been creating stunning lifestyle accessories by transforming seemingly useless wastes and combining them with highly skilled, traditional craftsmanship.


Other brands which we really admire for their sustainability and creative approach to creating clothing and accessories are:


For everyday shopping, you can rely on these companies, who pledge sustainability, repurposing items, using natural ingredients and not using plastic, or other harmful elements, which have led to the dire impacts our environment is now experiencing.


Buy Me Once. Selling Products That Are Built To Last | Recycle Week 2020

Buy Me Once. Selling Products That Are Built To Last | Recycle Week 2020

Buying things that are built to last runs in our blood. Our beds are built to last a lifetime, but there are other great products conceived with the same outlook, and Tara Button has assembled a great collective of the finest, long-lasting products.


Other stores for your everyday essentials, and more...


The efforts to reduce. reuse. recycle need not been done overnight.

Sustainability is not a fashion trend, or a way of being seen to do good, it is a way of life...and there are many ways we call take take small steps, build positive and sustainable habits, replace everyday essential items with more sustainable counterparts and reduce our footprint on the earth, thus allowing nature time and space to recuperate and restore the natural order.

Remaining motivated and inspired can be difficult, the below bloggers have you covered with the everlasting stream of recourses and new ways you can reduce.reuse.recycle. 


Moral Fibres Eco Blog | Recycle Week 2020

Moral Fibres Eco Blog | Recycle Week 2020

Wendy from Moral Fibres has been a solid champion of all things eco and sustainable before it was even a movement. Her blog has long been a guide and compass to changing the way we live lives more sustainably for many.


Additionally, there are these great blogs that are definitely worth bookmarking for a later read.