Styling: Making Your Bedroom Hyggelig

Hygge came to the forefront of interior design in 2016 and looks set to remain as a major trend for the home in 2017.
Hygge Bedroom Styling Ideas

A Danish word, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, hygge is a term used to describe a cosy and comforting lifestyle that encourages togetherness and contentment.

The Danes strive to create this feeling in their home, combining intimacy with small indulgences to contribute to the pursuit of everyday happiness.

Here we will show you how to style your hygge bedroom and vintage metal bedframe, embracing the trend, and creating a sanctuary within your home.

Neutral tones:

Maud bed - The Cornish Bed Company:

A neutral and calm colour scheme is essential in a hygge style bedroom. The Maud bed sits beautifully here against a typically Scandinavian white-washed wall.

The simple lines and soft curves of the cast iron bed create serenity and peace, inviting you to spend a little longer enjoying the space. Soften a hygge bedroom further by adding a throw in a complementary colour to your vintage bedstead.


Tom Raffield - Skipper pendant:

Carve out cosy corners in your hygge bedroom with a low hanging pendant light. An open plan bedroom can be divided into intimate zones with the right lighting, and we didn’t have to look far for a beautiful sculptural piece.

Cornish designer Tom Raffield’s Skipper pendant light is the perfect addition to a hygge bedroom. Available in a variety of wood finishes, the material of the light adds an integral natural element to a hygge style bedroom.


Amara - Hot water bottle cover:

Bringing together different textures and finishes will help you to build up layers of comfort in your hygge bedroom. Only display the things that you love and enjoy using on a regular basis.

Create the perfect relaxing moment with this hot water bottle cover made from incredibly soft 100% cashmere. It is available in a range of pastel colours for you to match the tones selected for your hygge style bedroom.


Billy bed - The Cornish Bed Company:

Being in touch with nature is at the heart of the hygge concept. A plant will freshen a bedroom space, bringing nature indoors to be enjoyed.

The plant above sits beside our Billy bed, softening the black vintage bedframe. We have added another texture to the space with a throw in a hue echoing the plant, enhancing the tranquility in the room.

In a hygge style bedroom, less is always more. A few additional well-chosen accessories also sit beside the cast iron bedstead. Any accessories displayed should be important to you and evoke soothing and happy thoughts within your hygge bedroom.


St Eval Candle:

The cosy glow of candlelight is very important in a hygge bedroom. To avoid anything too ornate or fussy, these candles from Cornish company St Eval in simple enamel pots are a great solution.

A soothing scent will help to create a hygge bedroom sanctuary. The candle from St Eval’s Constantine collection is available in a Sea Salt fragrance. They use a unique blend of ozonic and citrus scents which are reminiscent of the ocean and the addition of mossy undertones evokes the sensation of fresh sea breezes.

As you enjoy the warming glow of the candlelight, imagining the wild Cornish coast you will feel extra cosy in your hygge style bedroom.