Five ways to dress a four-poster bed

Four-poster beds are now a popular choice for those who are looking to introduce a wow-factor into their bedroom. Here are five ways to dress a four-poster bed.
Five ways to dress a metal four-poster bed

Originally designed with curtains to combat draughty bed chambers in the late 14th century, the four-poster bed was always a sign of style and wealth. Beds of the nobility were ornately carved, inlaid, painted, and decorated - The Great Bed of Ware is a prime example of this grand style.

Since then, the four-poster has evolved in style, becoming lighter under French influence, and is now constructed using metal rather than traditional oak. No longer reserved for the monarchy, four-poster beds are now an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking to introduce a wow-factor into their bedroom.

Today’s four-posters are much more versatile than their predecessors; from a thick heavy canopy to just a bare frame, you can dress it to suit any room or mood.

How to dress a four-poster bed:

Cosy & minimalist

cornish bed, four poster bed

For a cosy minimalist look, a simple sheer length of fabric loosely draped from left to right creates an airy, summery vibe.



For a hint of drama, drape fabric to create a ceiling for your bed. Either just covering the top or have it run it down as a headboard to frame your bed.

Light it up

Decorate your four-poster bed with fairy lights in place of curtains for a magical feel.

Drop lighting 

Not technically accessorising the bed itself, but a great way to dress it would be to find a complementing droplight to hang down the centre, casting a soft glow over you.  This works especially well with a metal four-poster bed.


Plants are very on trend at the moment, if you've got a green thumb why not decorate your bed with these too?