Every day is Make Your Bed Day at The Cornish Bed Company

The Cornish Bed Company will be welcoming visitors to its foundry on 11 September for National Make Your Bed Day.
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Parents have the best excuse to nag messy teenagers on 11 September 2019, as it is National Make Your Bed Day.

Yes, there is such a day and it is ideal for encouraging everyone to make their bed, from the early bird who leaves the house at dawn, to the slovenly teenager, for who making a bed seems a daily challenge.

A perfectly dressed bed, according to sleep experts, tidies the bedroom, tidies the mind and helps you sleep better.

For The Cornish Bed Company though, every day is Make Your Bed Day, because we make the finest traditional metal beds, using traditional hand-casting techniques, all year round.

Located in a 19th Century railway depot, formerly used for the transportation of mining materials, The Cornish Bed Company is steeped in all things Victorian, from the building in which it operates, to the techniques used in the manufacture of the metal beds.

The foundry is one of the last in the country to hand forge metal beds and it is about as far from the production line as you can get.

Cornish Beds are built to last a lifetime and are instantly recognisable for their unique knuckle fixings, providing them with an industrial, engineered design and durability that sets them apart from mass-produced, cheaper imitations.

Each design comes with a certificate of authenticity, and an individual hallmark, making it an antique of the future, or an heirloom to be passed down the generations.

So, whether shopping for a day bed, a timeless classic for a country home, or a luxurious four-poster bed, there will be a Cornish Bed that is perfect in any home. They can be made to measure, painted in a wide range of colours, or finished in stunning brass or nickel.

With a statement as bold as a Cornish Bed, make it a masterpiece by keeping it tidy on National Make Your Bed Day.