Styling: Polished Metal

Our polished metal bed frames are a timeless expression of classic style. Handmade and built to last a lifetime, the nickel finish is an enduring statement of confidence and opulence in any home.
Bedroom Design Trend:  Polished metal

Metal is no longer the domain of overlooked utilitarian domestic ware; on the contrary, metallic furnishings and accessories are enjoying a huge resurgence, their shimmery, reflective surfaces adding light and depth to both traditional and contemporary settings. 

Established designers and skilled artisans are paving the way for this renaissance, using polished metals in clever and innovative ways. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourites:

 Tom Dixon

Multi award-winning designer, Tom Dixon OBE, dominates the interiors market with his distinctive high-end furniture and accessories which grace homes, hotels, museums, and restaurants across the globe.

Tom, who learnt to weld in a friend’s garage, is committed to reviving the British furniture industry. His mission: to manufacture products which are tough enough for the professional market and attractive enough for the home.

His eclectic collections are breathtaking, both in scale and ambition, inspired by Britain’s rich industrial heritage.  His range of chairs, tables, lights, and accessories are crafted from high quality materials, most famously hand-beaten brass and copper.

From the popular Scoop chairs with their decorative metallic pedestals to his his Melt lighting globes and Plum copper kitchen and dining accessories, Tom Dixon’s creations are constantly evolving, anti-fashion and designed for longevity.

Graham and Brown

Decor specialists Graham and Brown are often credited with starting a ‘wallpaper revolution’ after spotting a gap in the market at the end of WWII, when war-weary householders were desperate to brighten their homes.

Seventy years on, the company supplies an international market with a near overwhelming number of wall coverings featuring bronze, gold and copper in its prints and patterns.

More durable than traditional wallpaper, its metallic hues reflect light and lend luxury and warmth to any room.

Graham and Brown’s Reflections range was dubbed 2017 Wallpaper of the Year, incorporating the season’s hottest trends in a geometric pattern of marble accents, cement print and rose gold, a contemporary addition to interior walls.

 The Box Furniture

Swansea-based craftsman Daniel Faull, founder of The Box Furniture, makes his living from recycled metal, turning other people’s scrap into imaginative and unique pieces of furniture.

Using long-forgotten metalworking techniques, he’s transformed disused copper water tanks into tables, bar tops and lighting fixtures, each bearing minor scratches and imperfections from their past lives.

Everything he creates is individual, from dining and side tables with twisted copper tube legs to a pedestal bath which he’s turned into a chaise longue. It’s a creative nod to an environmental consciousness and rebellion against waste.

LSA International

LSA International is world-renowned for its artisan dexterity and creative use of glass and enamelled steel. All but a handful of models from its huge range of glassware is handmade and mouth blown  in Poland by skilled craftsmen using age old techniques. The company’s ethos mirrors our own.

LSA’s marriage of glass and complementary metals is subtle, yet effective, adding a touch of sophisticated glamour throughout the home.

Its range is impressive, from vases and other accessories, to a vast array of wine glasses, tumblers, Champagne flutes, and tealights. Dashes of reflective copper, rose or matt gold create an understated, ambient glow.


Producing state-of-the-art, luxury furniture, European brand Eichholtz features an extensive collection of beautiful ‘hotel chic’ furnishings, with a timeless elegance and barely restrained opulence.

Incorporating polished brass, antique copper finishes, and stainless steel with tempered glass, they are statement pieces which sit proudly as the focal point in any room.

Eichholtz offers a fusion of styles inspired by auction houses, luxury hotels and antique dealers in both Asia and the United States.

It’s now one of Europe's largest suppliers of designer furniture, luxury lighting and contemporary homeware.