10 Items To Create A New York Loft-Style Bedroom

Check out 10 items you need to re-create the look of The Hampshire bedroom.
10 Items To Create A New York Loft-Style Bedroom

Our stylists come up with some incredible looks for our photoshoots, so we thought we would share with you the items which make up the scene for our Hampshire Bed.

The inspiration for the scene normally comes from the design of the bed itself, the combination of brass and painted cast iron, sparks an instant idea about the type of room this bed would look magnificent in.


10 Items To Create A New York Loft Style Bedroom | The Cornish Bed Company Blog


For The Hampshire bed, the scene which really makes the bed stand out replicates a New York loft-style bedroom...with exposed brick walls, vintage tables and little authentic wood stools.

To re-create the look, we have shortlisted below our favourite items, which perfectly complement The Hampshire bed, and create that loft-style bedroom in your home. 

We love pairing unique and vintage items like the Vintage Table by Vinterior with modern handmade crockery by Nkuku

10 items to create a new york loft-style bedroom

  1. Turquoise Waffle Throw (by Dream Wool Blankets)
  2. Secret Grey Linen Bedding Set (by Chalk Pink Linen Co)
  3. Indigo Drop Cereal Bowl (by Nkuku Home and Lifestyle)
  4. Vintage Glove Mould (by Home Barn)
  5. Vintage Table (by Vinterior)
  6. Brick Wall (by Murals Wallpaper)
  7. Palmhouse Cushion (by Bramley & White)
  8. Empire Lampshade (by Pooky)
  9. Petrified Wood Stool (by Indigenous)
  10. Glass Vase (by Etsy)

*The items listed above are closes match to the actual items used in the scene, where items used where rented or not available