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Size does matter...

You might not realise it, but the size of your bed is crucial when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. From elevated beds first invented by the Ancient Egyptians, to the classic bedstead and mattress combination designed by the Romans, beds have continued to evolve through the ages.

According to the Sleep Council, the size of your bed can significantly affect the quality and quantity of sleep each night. When it comes to bed size, bigger really is better.

Most of us fidget while we slumber; in fact the average person tosses and turns around 60 times a night. Sleeping in a bigger bed means there’s more room to move and less chance of a disturbed night’s sleep. This is especially true for couples: couples sharing a standard double bed often have interrupted sleep - unsurprising when you think they’ve only got 2ft3in wide each to move around in. This may sound okay, but it’s actually less space than an average-sized cot.

“You should be able to lie side by side, with your arms behind your head and your elbows out, without touching,” says the Sleep Council.

“If you frequently get disturbed sleep, it’s likely to leave many couples short tempered with each other, leading to rows and squabbles.”

More space helps regulate our body temperature during sleep; it also gives more room to stretch out, especially important for people suffering from leg and back problems. And it’s useful for accommodating sleepless children and snuggling up with them first thing in the morning.

There’s a dizzying number of bed sizes for customers to choose from: the smallest - a single - which measures 3ft by 6ft, through to a king single, queen, small double, standard double, kingsize, super king, large super king, the emperor, which measures an impressive 7ft x 7ft), and the caesar, a whopping 8ft x 8ft!

Singles and king singles are great for children and teenagers, ideal for a smaller sized room. Remember, though, that children will need space to grow. The kingsize is a good fit for most couples; still cosy but with enough room to stretch out without disturbing each other.

It’s worth remembering that bed sizes aren’t standardised; even if they have the same name they may not be the same size. In the United States, for example, a standard queen bed is the roughly the same size as a kingsize bed in the UK (although the former is slightly bigger).  Our advice: double check the dimensions before you buy. And choose a size which best suits you and the look you're hoping to achieve in your bedroom.

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