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The world we’re living in is getting smaller; travel is more affordable and business opportunities are opening up across the globe, largely due to unprecedented advances in technology.

They might be separated by 3,874 miles - and an ocean - but that was no barrier for Tim and Berta Smith when it came to choosing a new bed for their 1920s Minneapolis home. Tim, a fourth generation bed salesman, found The Cornish Bed Company online - and didn’t look back.

“My dad used to sell beds, as did his father and grandfather. My grandfather even had a furniture store on the north side of Minneapolis, and I sold beds as well for around ten years,’ said Tim.

“We researched everything through the internet and were convinced that Cornish was the way to go. We both love the bed!”

Tim has visited the UK once, but never ventured as far west as Cornwall; that didn’t stop him from buying one of our beds, handmade from scratch at our foundry in Par.  Tim and Berta favoured the Somerset bedstead, one of our most popular classic designs, but with a few design tweaks which we were happy to make.

“We liaised closely with the team in Cornwall on the design and they built us a bespoke, full-sized bed, all with incredible attention to detail,” explained Tim.

“Once the bed had arrived, we saw for ourselves the quality of the craftsmanship. If we need another bed in future, it’ll be a no-brainer to buy it from The Cornish Bed Company.

“My wife is insistent that we visit the factory in Par if we come to the UK. We’re so happy with it and so grateful to everyone for their top efforts.” 

The largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis sits on the banks of the Mississippi river and is home to around 3.6 million people. Getting the bed Stateside was less onerous than you might think. We drafted in the services of an international freight carrier which transported the bed door-to-door.

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